About Us

Fields Electrical Sales, Inc. represents the products of select premier electrical component manufacturers to distributors, contractors, coal mines and engineers throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Fields Electrical Sales, Inc. brings to the marketplace a knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated sales force charged to surpass the bottom-line objectives of the outstanding manufacturers they represent and the distributors and contractors they serve.

Company founders fulfilled their dream to become one of the largest most respected agencies in the United States. The firm has evolved very much in the seventy-eight years of its existence.

The company known today as Fields Electrical Sales, Inc., was purchased in 2001 by Raymond “Skip” Watson together with President Russell Howard. Raymond “Skip” Watson and Russell Howard developed a marketing strategy to bring major engineering firms, contractors and distributors the quality electrical products of manufacturers most closely aligned with the customer’s financial, product performance and project goals. Their “account segmentation process” allow the companies to more effectively deploy its sales force to create a true “win-win” situation for all parties – manufacturers, customers and FES.

With over 200-years’ experience, the experienced 16-person Fields Electrical Sales, Inc. team possesses a broad knowledge of the electrical product industry. At the company’s state-of-the-art training and conference center, located in the Lebanon, Ohio headquarters, each FES sales associate is experienced and communicates authoritatively about the best products available in the marketplace. The FES team’s primary objective is to help their customers achieve their own individual goals. Fields Electrical Sales, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Ohio and does business in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. 


Al Block ventured westward from New York to form the Al Block Company


Al Block forms a partnership with Henry Cooper forming the Block and Cooper Agency


Allen Fields becomes a partner

Company becomes Block and Fields


Al Block retires

Allen Fields becomes sole owner

Company becomes Allen Fields Associates, Inc.


Allen Fields retires

Raymond "Skip" Watson and Russell Howard become co-owners

Company becomes Fields Electrical Sales, Inc.